The Best Kind of Testimonial

Kathy Williamson

  1. As a certified teacher she understands curriculum as well as the needs of the teachers.

  2. As a mother of two, she understands how difficult it is to find quality facilities out their.

  3. And with her multiple years in early childhood she knows what kind of environment she wants her children to grow up in.

We are constantly paid visits by former PCC kids who just want to revisit fond memories of their childhood. Many get to see teachers they had who are still with us. It’s very gratifying to hear them reminisce. But the greatest compliment is when they come back to enroll their own children in an attempt to offer them a piece of their own childhood.

Meet Former PCC Kids Whose Kids are now PCC Kids

“Hi, my name is Krissa and my 4 year old daughter, Ryan attends PCC. When it came time to find a school for her, the only place I ever considered was Peoria Child Care. She’s been there now for over 3 years.

I have known Jeff for at least all the years I can remember. I have many fond memories of my childhood at PCC. It’s really the small things, like when I got hurt once during a game of tag on the play yard. Jeff and his staff made things all better the way they cared for and loved me through it.

As I got older and would come back to Tulsa to visit, my grandmother would tell me how she would run into Jeff at the grocery store or somewhere and that he would always ask about me. The day that I came in to enroll Ryan, he took one look at me when I walked in and knew exactly who I was. That made me feel good - to know after all these years that he is still the same kind hearted person I remember as a kid.

After all the love and care that I got as a child at PCC, I would never think of taking my child anywhere else. I know that she is getting the best care around at Peoria Child Care.”


Krissa & Ryann

“Well, I pretty much grew up at Peoria Child Care. I have the greatest memories of this place. I always looked forward to each day because we were always doing something fun everyday.

When I got older I went back and applied for a job. As a teacher I got to see the genuine hearts behind the day to day operation of the facility. I loved being a part of that.

Now, I am so grateful that my daughter gets to attend the same school I did growing up. She truly enjoys getting up and going everyday the same way I did. She even asks me on the weekends if she ‘gets to go to school today.’ And when I pick her up in the evening she has a hard time leaving.

My husband and I drive many miles out of our way and go past many other Day Care facilities to get to Peoria Child Care.

There is no way to describe the contentment of being able to leave your child in the hands of those who you know love her and want to care for her the way you would.”


Alisha & Emma

“To this day I remember my teachers, the field trips, the fun and all the friends I made at PCC. I believe in the genuine love the staff has for the children and I trust my most precious gift to them. Every time I drop off my son I smile because he seems so happy. Now, when I pick him up in the evening and the conversation about his day opens up, it takes me back to all the times I sat in the back seat of my mom’s car and excitedly went on and on about the trip or the game I learned to play or the performance my friends and I put on for the other kids.

I started going to Peoria Child Care when I was just a baby and stayed until I went off to middle school. Through the years I made some of my greatest childhood memories there. I knew when I had my son that Peoria Child Care was the only place I would feel comfortable with sending him.

My son is learning so much and having a great time doing it. Peoria Child Care is still exactly how I remember it... FUN!”


Katy & Bryce

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